As a board approved supervisor for LPC interns, I provide supervision for interns who work in my private practice and/or at other locations. Although each intern is unique, it's important to me to supervise people who are interested in working with clients in similar ways that I work. I work best with interns who want to be their most authentic self with clients. I help interns hone their skills as a therapist, by giving direct feedback via case consultation in a nonjudgmental atmosphere. I'll help you resonate with clients, and at the same time maintain therapeutic boundaries. In addition, I can offer skills that will assist you in building a flourishing private practice.

If you are preparing to be an LPC intern, and are interested in supervision with me, send me an email with your resume, and a letter describing your interest in working with me. We'll then decide if we want to take the next step of scheduling a time to sit down together to see if we're a good fit. 

I have a supervision group that meets every other week, with individual supervision on alternate weeks. Supervision that includes individual and group is $300 per month. For those who prefer weekly individual supervision without group, cost is $400 per month.



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